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Equipe ATU Connector Install v1.14

Erik Fornander

With Equipe ATU Connector you can connect to your ATU Timekeeping unit to the new platform from Equipe when doing horse show jumping.

IMPORTANT: This program is only used for Equipe horse show jumping with ATU-X! It is not used if you use ATU-X for any other sport like athletics or swimming!


  1. Run the setup above, this will install both the software and the drivers needed to connect to the ATU
  2. Go into Edit settings
  3. Change the settings for the ATU

    1. Select yout ATU Type, ATU X, ATU 9 or ATU 8.
    2. Select the USB serialport the ATU is connected to
  4. If a scoreboard is used, change the settings for this

    1. Set the type of scoreboard
    2. Set the serialport used for the scoreboard
  5. If ATU X is used, the scoreboard-data can be sent out to the SCB port on the backside of the ATU X. To activate this, set the toggle to on.
  6. Press Save
  7. Now the software is waiting for to connect!


Bug fixes in v 1.3:

  • Stop scorboard from continiously running

Bug fixes in v 1.5:

  • Fix SCB port on ATU-X

Bug fixes in v 1.6:

  • Changed how rank is received
  • If rank = 999 show  blank rank instead
  • Using scb port on atux now sends to row 1 and 2 instead of 0 and 1

Fixed in v 1.7:

  • Added SSL Support

Fixed in v 1.8:

  • Now sends to scoreboard 10 times/second instead of 20 times/second so that the window doesn't freeze when using Gemini scoreboard.

Fixed in v 1.9:

  • Timekeeping log files are now saved in folder Documents\IC Control Media Sport\Equipe ATU Connector

Fixed in v 1.10:

  • If time is more than 100 seconds it will now pad the seconds with 0 instead of blank space

Fixed in v1.13:

  • Better error handling when opening communication ports to ATU-X and scoreboards

Fixed in v1.14:

  • Added new scoreboard type with 1 row, 6 digits
  • Daytime is now only sent once every second instead of 10 times/second so that the wireless scoreboards run more smoothly
  • Added option to disable/enable Sport In The Box 2 UDP data to use less computer resources when not needed

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