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WinGrodan 2 Admin changelog

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WinGrodan 2 changelog


New Swimify LiveTiming added to WinGrodan 2. Please read more about it in the notes below in v2.9.8458.21630.

Created 2024-02-01

  • Added WPS points parameters for 2024 into the lookup database. Note: If you have already created your competition database and want to use the updated WPS points then you must open the lookup tables and import the new points from the lookup database by clicking the button to import from lookup database in the WPS tab.
  • Change for competitions in Sweden only: The pre masters agegroup has now changed from 20-24 years to 18-24 years in accordance with new swedish rules. Relay pre masters has changed from 80-96 years to 72-96 years also.
  • Fix bug when editing masters agegroups for relays.
  • When importing WPS points or DSQ reasons from the lookup database then it will first ask the user if you want to delete the existing data before importing the new data.


Created 2024-01-23

  • Updated Danish disqualification reasons. NOTE: If you have already created your competition database before this update then you must open the lookup tables and delete the old disqualification reasons group and click on the button to import from lookup database. This is necessary if you want the new updated disqualification reasons. Also make sure you select this DSQ reason group in your competition setting.
  • Fix wrong WPS parameter in WPS 2023 (SWE) list.
  • Fix bug when importing Lenex record list.
  • Fix bug in Swedish Utmanaren competition where wrong medals could be added to the swimmer Note field.



Created 2023-12-04

  • Added new option when calculating club points to select if the points that a disqualified swimmer in the A finals should be discarded or if the winner in the B final should get these points instead.
  • Updated club database.
  • Make sure to save new updated rank in previous round when setting a SwimOff round to status Official.
  • Fix bug when updating the swimmers database from Internet
  • Fix bug in Swedish Utmanaren competitions where swimmers added from history database would not be assigned to a nation.
  • Fix bug in Swedish Utmanaren competitions where age would not be calculated correctly when swimmers were added from history database.
  • Fix bug in Swap lanes window.
  • Fix bug where the locked timestamp used by the Swimify Coach app was not correctly uploaded to the server.



Created 2023-11-01

  • When competition nation is Finland and enabling setting Prioritizing competition pool the program will then make entries in the same pool as comptition pool length will be seeded better than entries made in other pools.
  • Add column in Event entries info report to show number of swimmer nations for each event.
  • Added better error handling when calculating point lists.
  • Renamed FINA points to AQUA points according to information from World Aquatics.
  • Added individual para class to relay result list.
  • Added individual para class to relay competitor report.
  • When importing conversion times from lookup database it will now ask user if they want to delete existing conversion times before importing the new ones.
  • Optimized some code to load results tab faster the first time it is opened for the selected database.
  • Program settings are now backed up when starting and closing the program.



Created 2023-10-06

  • Added new Swedish N-para sport classes to lookup para sport classes. The old Swedish K para sport classes are removed from the lookup database. If you open a database that was created with an older version of the software then the N para classes will be added to this competition. Note that the existing K para classes will not be removed from existing databases. So if you want to remove the K para classes from your existing database then you must manually remove them by opening the lookup table window in the Competition tab.
  • Added menu option to view the program change log (this text you are currently reading). So now you can view the change log even if you are not currently upgrading the program.



Created 2023-09-25

  • Fix bug when creating new Swimify competition and it said "user not authorized" until you restart the program. You can now create a Swimify competition and send data without having to restart.
  • Added possibility to create an SDMS result file for para swimmers.
  • You can now import SDMS record files for para records.
  • Changed the way you select para sport classes for swimmers. Now you only have to select one S class instead of 3 different selections for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly.
  • Added better error message when logging in to Swimify using Google or Apple and family name is missing.
  • Fix bug where an error message about "Recursive read not allowed" in the results window that could cause a red cross to be shown instead of the grid.
  • Make sure to clear old unprocessed Swimify changes when creating a new Swimify competition.
  • Updated Utmanaren 2.0 to include all medals taken in the note field.
  • Added button to print Utmanaren 2.0 medals awarded by event instead of just by competitor.
  • Updated english manual.
  • Updated swedish manual.
  • Updated UI components



Created 2023-08-28

  • Added new point list for individual points based on rank.
  • Fix bug when calculating Utmanaren 2.0 medals based on entry time.
  • Do not show error message all the time if connection to Swimify server is lost.
  • Make sure to send FINA club point lists to Swimify.



Created 2023-08-15

  • Added support for new Swedish competition type Utmanaren 2.0. If you want to read more on how this type of competition works then please go to this page (in Swedish):
  • Added option to use reserves when calculating Q to finals. You can also select from 1 up to 5 reserves. The reserves will be marked with R1 to R5 instead of Q in the result list and the reserves will also show up on the standard heat list (not compact heat list). You find this option in "Rules" tab and then click the button named "More meet settings".
  • When printing standard heat lists (not compact heat lists) you now have an option to also print victory ceremonies and pauses in the heat list. You have a checkbox in the Seeding tab to select if you want to print these rows or not.
  • Now shows the letter "C" after an entry time to notify that the entry time is a converted entry time on printed start lists and heat lists.
  • Added a filter of the lookup events when editing or adding events so only events that are possible to swim in the current competition pool is shown. So for example, you will now not see 25m events if you have selected a 50m pool.
  • Added new sorting of entries for for Danish competitions to select if they want to prioritize entries in the competition pool length.
  • Added option in print settings to select if you want to show long club names or short club names on the standard heat lists (not compact heat list). Default option is to show long club names.
  • Added support to double click a swimmer or lane in the Change swimmer window to remove or add a swimmer to a lane.
  • Removed the column with swimmer ID from the heat list.
  • Changed so it is now possible to add or remove age groups even if an event is a Masters event.
  • Changed text WinGrodan 2 to Swimify Meet Manager in the window title bar.
  • Updated danish texts.
  • Updated finnish texts.
  • Updated faroe island texts.
  • Various bug fixes.



Created 2023-07-10

  • Added button in seeding window to print a compact heat list. With this list you should be able to fit a lot more heats on a single paper compared to the normal heat list.
  • Added checkbox in event records to select if you want to show record on Swimify LiveTiming.
  • Fixed some bugs when sending data to Swimify LiveTiming.
  • Added new button in Events tab to print report with number of entries, reserves, clubs and countries for each event.
  • Added button to import Hytek event files.
  • Added button to print selected number of events with only para swimmers.
  • When changing competition start date it will also change the end date with same number of days.
  • Make sure that user cannot select an end date that is before the start date.
  • Make sure that the number of days in the competition session Day column is equal to the number of days between competition start date and end date.
  • When deleting swimmers, clubs, results, entries etc from the database it will now also clear the record log window.
  • When meet nation is Denmark it will now show relay birthyear instead of age in the result window.
  • Changed text IPC license to SDMS ID.
  • Various bug fixes.



Created 2023-06-08

  • Added option in the competition rules tab to limit the number of foreign swimmers that can qualify for the next round.
  • Added option to show nation code on result lists in print setttings.
  • Added fix when entering entry fee in event.
  • entry times of 99:99:99.99 and 00:99:99.99 will now be interpreted as 00:00.00
  • Added all IOC nation codes to meet nation combobox.
  • Make sure to sort session lists by session number.
  • Fix bug in import of Lenex entry files.
  • Fix bug when logging in to Swimify and an error message would show.
  • Updated Danish translations.



Created 2023-05-17

  • Updated finnish disqualification reasons.
  • Added new seeding type for preliminary heats where the last heat is a junior final heat (age group number = 1) and the rest of the swimmers are seeded together.
  • Updated translations for some languages.
  • Various fixes for Swimify.
  • When opening another database it will now properly close the old database.
  • Now the program do not change the name of the event in the time program when changing fields in the event tab unless you change the name of the event.
  • Fix bug when importing entries from Lenex files and a relay position had an empty athlete id.
  • Fix bug when creating Lenex files and the date and time strings could be wrong depending on program language.
  • Fix bug when adding relay swimmers to a team and the team name has the ' char in the name.
  • Fix bug when adding swimmer from swimmer database into competition database. The region was previously not properly set for the clubs added this way.
  • Updated clubs and swimmers database.



Created 2023-03-20

  • Changed international junior age to 18 for both boys and girls that is used in some seeding algorithms.
  • Updated club database with new clubs.
  • Fix bug in Finnish translation that made it impossible to upload files to Swimify file archive when using Finnish language.
  • Fix bug when calculating FINA club points for relay events.
  • Various fixes Swimify.



Created 2023-03-10

  • Fix ICCMS Message Router bug that could happen after Windows update when OneDrive is changing the paths to the Documents-folder.
  • Fix bug when uploading files to Swimify file archive and the file name has characters that are not allowed.



Created 2023-03-02

  • Added button to create Hytek event files.
  • Fix bug when locking sessions for Swimify Coach app.
  • Fix bug in Swimify user grid.



Created 2023-02-27

  • Added new tab for Swimify LiveTiming to publish your competition on
    • You can now order Swimify LiveTiming competition directly in WinGrodan 2. Please go to the Swimify LiveTiming tab to do this. NOTE: You need a valid LiveTiming password to create a Swimify competition.
    • Redesigned the Swimify LiveTiming tab to be more user friendly.
    • For instructions on how to use the new Swimify LiveTiming in WinGrodan 2 you can view the instructions in this link:
    • You can also view the instrunctions by clicking on the button in Swimify LiveTiming tab to open Swimify help.
    • You can run both old LiveTiming and new Swimify LiveTiming independantly at the same time so you do not need to choose just one of them.
  • Updated the WPS points for 2023.
  • Added button to order a LiveTiming competition in the Competition tab. Clicking on this button will open a browser window where you enter the order information.
  • When correcting the number of splits for seeded events it will now only show the options available for the selected rounds.
  • Added option to import swimmers qualification times from Lenex entry files.
  • Fix bug in SuperLive settings to fix if the current stream ids do not match the LiveTiming password.
  • Fix bug when changing the competition date. Previously the session dates would not change when changing the competition dates.
  • Fix bug when importing entries from Excel if the country code is wrong. It will now use the organizer country and warn the user that the country was wrong for the swimmer.
  • Fix several other small bugs.



Created 2022-12-08

  • Added support to import time limits from Excel document. Example document is located in the WinGrodan 2 installation folder and is called TimeLimitsWG2.xlsx.
  • Para classes for records can now go up to S19/SM19/SB19.
  • Added club number to WinGrodan 2 Sync printout.
  • Added pool type to Swimify database.
  • Changed functionality in competitor control so that the warning about two swimmers with the same license doesn't show up more than once.
  • It is now possible for the users to click on the column headers in the heat grid in Results-tab to change sorting of the grid.
  • Fix bug when sending timestamps and date objects to Swimify server.
  • Fix bug when sending new event sponsors to Swimify.
  • Fix bug in competitor control for entries with Extralopp.
  • Fix bug in club point calculation if an event has been deleted.
  • Fix bug when importing Lenex entry files and file is incorrect due to missing first name or last name.
  • Fix bug when checking to see if program is online to Swimify.
  • Fix bug when creating DSV result files and a relay is having split time without a result.
  • Fix bug when seeding time finals where the last heat has different number of lanes fi there are less than 3 swimmers in the first heat.
  • Updated danish texts.
  • Updated finnish texts.
  • Updated faroe island texts.



Created 2022-11-01

  • Swedish users can now communicate with Tempus Entry again. (create competition and download entries)
  • Communication with Swedish Tempus Entry will now support new Swedish competition levels.
  • Fix bug when importing Lenex files and club is missing club name.
  • Fix bug when importing Officials from Lenex entry file.
  • Continous data sent to Swimify LiveTiming will now be much quicker since the sending functionality has been much imporved upon and optimized.
  • Images sent to Swimify LiveTiming will now be properly resized into specified size.
  • Fix bug when sending organizer image and small competition image to Swimify LiveTiming.
  • Fix bug when importing Excel entries and the nation code is missing or wrong.
  • Updated finnish texts.
  • Updated faroe island texts.



Created 2022-10-11

  • When printing result lists for mixed events you can now choose to split men and women into separate lists.
  • Add option in competition settings to split mixed events into men and women when doing club point calculations.
  • Fix bug that would log out the Swimify user if more than 30 minutes has passed.
  • Renamed LiveTiming tab to Swimify LiveTiming to make it harder to confuse the new Swimify service with old LiveTiming service.



Created 2022-10-05

  • Added new swedish competition levels for competition and for events.
  • Make sure to sort the age groups by the number when printing result lists per age group.
  • Temporary disabled the buttons to communicate with Tempus Entry for Swedish users.
  • Added disqualification reasons for Netherlands.
  • Installation file now also show a Launch button when the installation is done if user wants to start the program again.
  • Fix bug when sending data to Swimify servers.
  • Events with event type Unknown relay will now also show swim style column in the heat view.



Created 2022-09-23

  • Added new club to the lookup database.
  • Fix bug when sending competition data to the new Swimify LiveTiming servers.



Created 2022-09-21

  • The three letter nation code for Faroe Islands has now been changed from FAR to FRO according to new approval from FINA. When importing entries WinGrodan 2 will now accept both FAR and FRO for Faroe Islands in the Lenex entry files.
  • Fix bug when communicating to Tempus Entry.
  • Fix bug when importing records from Lenex file and there were multiple records of the same distance in a record list.
  • When creating Lenex 3 result files it will now not include rankings of swimmers with wrong birthyear (born before 1800).
  • When changing the round status to Official for events with Unknown swimstyle it will now ask the user if it should be changed or not in case the user forgot to set a swimstyle for a certain lane.
  • Removed filter when selecting swimstyle for Unknown events.



Created 2022-09-13

  • Add new seeding type for randomized seeding.
  • Add new seeding type named "Time finals, randomized heat numbers".
  • Add new seeding type named "Time finals, evenly distributed heats".
  • Add new option in automatic withdrawals that will prioritize para swimmers so that non-para swimmers will be withdrawn before para swimmers.
  • Add option in conversion of entry times lookup tables to use multiplication instead of only addition or subtraction.
  • When confirming a heat in WinGrodan 2 Admin it will now check if a record has been beaten by the swimmers in the heat.
  • Added unknown relay event type.
  • Make sure that lanes with status Sick will be shown on result lists.
  • Changed the way the the program is checking if database is online so it does not use ICMP ping messages since these can be blocked by firewalls.
  • Fix bug with ranks during seeding that could cause disqualified swimmers to not show up on result list.
  • Fix bug when importing Lenex record lists that could create multiple records for each event.
  • Fix bug in calculation of schedule/time program.
  • Fix import of Hytek entry files for relays with more than 4 swimmers.
  • Fix bug when calculating club points per age group and selecting rounds instead of events.
  • Added check to make it impossible to delete the round if an event only has one round.



Created 2022-07-08

  • Fix bug when importing Lenex record files where it would create a duplicate record every time in database even if it already existed.
  • When clearing new livetiming data it will now also clear relay competitors.



Created 2022-07-07

  • Fix bug when seeding



Created 2022-07-06

  • Added FINA club point list
  • When importing entries from Hytek entry file it will now use the swimmer nick name if it exists. If no nick name exist it will use the first name.
  • When importing relay entries from Hytek entry file it will now create the team name from the club full name instead of abbreviation.
  • Fix bug in Hytek result file where relay lap numbers were wrong for the split times
  • When importing Hytek entry file it should now also import more than 4 swimmers if there exists more in the file.
  • Fix bug when printing result lists based on WPS points
  • Updated country codes in the lookup database
  • Fix bug when printing result lists and showing age instead of birthyear
  • Lots of fixes for preparation of new LiveTiming
  • Added DQ reasons for Åland (Finnish reasons with Swedish text)
  • Changed default names for the lane configurations to be more clear of which lanes are included
  • Fix bug in FINA point calculation for mixed relays
  • Added HANDICAP element to Lenex files
  • Make sure to add entry when changing competitor on a lane
  • When saving Lenex files it will now use new stroke IMRELAY for IM relay events
  • Added better error handling when importing DTA record files
  • Added button in relay window to reset the current relay team. Pressing this button will also fix if you somehow got duplicate rows in the relay team.
  • Fix WPS result list to have swimmers not in competition last instead of being sorted by the WPS points.
  • Make sure to set WPS points to 0 if swimmer is not a para swimmer.



Created 2022-03-31

  • Added option in FINA base times to select a para class that should use current FINA base point group. This means that you can now use different FINA base times for different para classes.
  • Added option in FINA base times to select if the current base time group is only valid for Masters events. If this option is checked then only events that are Masters events will be able to use this FINA base point group.
  • Added button to import Australian MultiClass FINA base points that is used for para swimmers.
  • Redesigned buttons in FINA base times window.
  • Fix bug in Slovenian printing translation.
  • Corrected the country code for Romania.
  • Updated REST protocol.
  • Added para classes S15-S19 and K1-K4.
  • Changed timing when saving the competitor when the user is changing competitor club by typing with keyboard.
  • Fixed bug when changing birthyear for a relay competitor. It previously did not re-calculate the relay age for all entries and lanes.
  • When user selects to update the club database from Internet it will now directly download the Danish clubs from the Danish federation statistics site.
  • Fixed bug when adding relay swimmers to a team that could rarely occur.
  • SPLITS-element is now added to Lenex file that could be missing in some instances.
  • Fix bug when correcting the number of splits in the competition.
  • Removed the norwegian youth heat that was created when using Swim Open seeding in Bergen Swim Festival.
  • Added Swedish WPS points parameters for 2022 that includes parameters for events and para-classes that original WPS points do not have.
  • Updated third party components.



Created 2022-03-09

  • Fixed bug when exporting Lenex files and you have no limits on how many entries each competitor can have.
  • Added option in event if you want to sort the ranks based on FINA points instead of using time to calculate the rank.
  • Fix bug in entry lists per age group for relay events that could cause relay teams with no swimmers to be sorted into the wrong age group.
  • When using the mass copy button in the events tab the program will now also copy the option in age group to sort results alphabetically.
  • When using the mass copy button in the events tab you can now also choose to copy the setting if the event is a para event or masters event.



Created 2022-03-08

  • Fix bug when sending heat lists to LiveTiming that could cause some lists to not be sent.
  • Fix bug when calculating FINA point lists per session and having age limits for the point list.



Created 2022-03-03

  • Added WPS point parameters for 2022.



Created 2022-03-01

  • Added new setting in the Age group tab in the Events window where user can choose to have the age group result lists for the selected age group to be sorted alphabetically instead of based on time. This setting was added to comply with the new 2022 rules in Swedish swimming that says that swimmers that are 12 years or younger should have result lists sorted alphabetically instead of by time.
    NOTE: This setting only affects result lists by age group!
    NOTE 2: You must update WinGrodan 2 Timekeeping also for this to work properly!
  • Added button in Results window to automatically create swim off heats with a press of a button if you have an event with preliminary heats and finals and there are two swimmers or more that have the same time for the last lane in the final heat. The program will take all swimmers that has a question mark (?) in the Q-field and put into the swim-off heat.
  • Added button in Competition tab to correct the number of splits that each seeded event has. This button will open a new window that will guide the user on how to correct/adjust the number of splits. This button should only be used if you have made the wrong setting for if you have touchpads in both ends of the pool or only one end of the pool and already have results in these heats.
    If possible you should try to re-seed the events instead of using this button but if you already have started the competition and have results in some heats then you may want to use this button to fix the number of split times for selected events.
  • Added option in Competition tab in the Rules section where you can enter a limit on how many events each swimmer are allowed to participate in. This setting does not affect any current entries, it will only stop the user from adding more events to a certain swimmer if the swimmer already has been added to max number of events.
  • When you print result lists and you have swimmers that are marked with the setting "Not in competition" then those swimmer will be sorted by name alphabetically at the end of the result list instead of being sorted by time. These swimmer will not get any rank, the same as it worked in previous versions.
  • When printing entry lists and start lists for Masters relay events the program will now show the team total age instead of birth year on the lists.
  • Added Mixed columns in the FINA points base time window so it is possible to manually enter the base time for FINA points in mixed relay events.
  • If you hold the keyboard keys Shift+Control when clicking on the button to delete record lists the program will now ask you if you want to delete all the record lists instead of only deleting the selected record list.
  • When importing CSV records it will now no longer matter if the swim style texts are in upper case or lower case letters.
  • Fix bug when creating Lenex files where sometimes swim off rounds could have wrong round type.
  • Fix bug when generating Lenex 3 result files that caused some results to be generated as Lenex 2.
  • Added Danish disqualification reasons to the lookup tables.
  • Added Finnish disqualification reasons with swedish text for people in Finland that uses Swedish language.



Created 2022-01-19

  • For entries that are added to events that are Unknown (Extralopp) you can now select swimstyle for those entries. That means you can how select swimstyle before you seed the event.
  • Result lists will now print a = sign next to the rank number if two or more swimmers have the same rank.
  • Added option in rank point lists calculation to discard points that are skipped because the number of swimmers per club/region/country has been reached.
  • Added button in competitor tab to create Lenex 3 entry file that will contain all the entries in the competition.
  • Added buttons to send entry lists to LiveTiming sorted by competitor instead of entry time.
  • Added Swedish disqualification reasons to the lookup database.
  • Added lane status SICK for each lane. The SICK status is currenly only used to be reported in the Lenex 3 result file, it does not affect anything else.
  • When creating Lenex result files it will not add splits if the lane is marked as DNS or SICK.
  • Fixed bug when calculating Q for rounds with several age groups and each age group should have a final. There was a bug if two swimmers in different age groups had the same time.
  • When exporting start lists with watermark it will now make sure to zoom the image to fit the page.
  • When seeding age group time finals it will now add the heat number and total heats to the heat name.
  • Added restriction so it is not possible to enter a time limits for 50m pool for 25m events and 100m medley.
  • When printing results lists for Danish clubs it will now display "DI" instead of - if a swimmer do not want to swim in the finals.
  • Added check in rank point lists settings to only enable age group number field if the point list has Type = Per age group.
  • When calculating ranks for para events it will now also give a non-zero rank to para swimmers that has a valid result even if the WPS points is 0.
  • Added warning text if you try to import entries from Lenex file and the entry is marked as withdrawn or rejected.
  • Added a check to not allow deletion of a swimmer if that swimmer is part of a relay team that has results.
  • License code is added to competitor CSV export.
  • License is added to the external data protocols used by Sport In The Box 2.
  • Added Slovenian language for printing.
  • Updated Swedish texts.
  • Updated Danish texts.
  • Updated Finnish texts.
  • Updated Faroe island texts.



Created 2021-11-18

  • Added possibility to set the swimstyle/lookup event for entries in events that are Unknown (Extralopp) even before the event is seeded.
  • Added WPS points for 100m medley into the lookup databse.
  • Fix bug that caused division by zero when seeding a relay event
  • Fix bug when changing para class for a swimmer.
  • Fix bug in competitor window that made it possible to edit swimmer name fields even if a swimmer was not selected in the list.
  • Fix bug in Utmanaren where medals would not be saved with the correct event.
  • Fix bug in Utmanaren when saving medals to Utmanaren history database.
  • Some other small bug fixes that could cause an error message.
  • Updated danish language.
  • Updated Swedish manual



Created 2021-11-01

  • Added new competition setting where you select which type of timekeeping you are using on your competition. NOTE: This setting currently only affects the Lenex files created so that the federations that receives the result files knows if the timing was done with automatic timing or manual timing.
  • Fixed bug that could cause an error when starting the program.
  • Events in WinGrodan Sync window are now sorted correctly.
  • Records that are broken will now correctly save the organizer city as meet location instead of using the pool name.
  • Added button to reset the lane configurations to default settings.
  • When setting a round to status Official for an event that is Unknown (Extralopp) the program will now check that every swimmer in the event properly has a swim style set and warn the user if that is not the case.
  • Added printing to Officials window.
  • When installing WinGrodan 2 Admin it will now only re-install Firebird if user has checked the checkbox to force installation.
  • Added warning message when calculating Q and two or more swimmers share last place to the final.
  • Added column in detailed charging basis to show if a swimmer was set to DNS or not.
  • Updated danish language.



Created 2021-10-20

  • Redesigned competition settings and rules. The settings are now better divided into tabs.
  • When you add a manual entry for a swimmer into an event that is already seeded and the event has empty lanes it will now ask the user if you want to add the swimmer to one of the empty lanes.
  • Added option what you want to happen if you withdraw a swimmer in an event that is already seeded. You can now choose if the swimmer should be set to DNS, if the lane should be empty or if it should do nothing.
  • Added custom buttons to add and remove sessions and sponsors in the group panel for each grid.
  • Changed some localization
  • Updated Danish language
  • Updated Finnish language
  • Updated Faroe Island language
  • Added English manual
  • Updated Swedish manual
  • Fixed bug where the program sort order was not updated when changing session for a round.
  • Added button to download entries automatically from Tempus Entry for Swedish, Finnish and Faroe Island users.
  • Added button to create competition on Tempus Entry for Swedish, Finnish and Faroe Island users.
  • Fixed bug in Live-data sent to LiveTiming.
  • Make sure to calculate the age group ranks when changing round status to Official even if the event only has 1 age group.
  • Fixed bug that caused the main window border to not be correctly skinned and also not be affected by Windows DPI settings.
  • When seeding events it will now make sure it is always loading the latest data from the database
  • Added conversion times for Faroe Islands
  • Removed the column with finish time for the time schedule print except for the last row when the session is finished.
  • Fixed bug if two people share the last place to get to the final heat and it would show Q for one swimmer but not the other. It will now show ? for both swimmers to indicate that there needs to be a swim-off.
  • Added age group rank as column in Excel export. If a swimmer belongs to several age groups in an event it will just show the first age group
  • Fix bug when printing club statistics report.
  • Added swimstyleid to the Lenex SWIMSTYLE element in events.
  • Time limits are now also printed on the detailed event list.
  • Added option if you want swimmers that are not in competition to be sorted last on entry lists or when seeding. Default is that those swimmers will be sorted according to the entry time.
  • You can now change the agegroup ages manually even if you have selected the event to be a Masters event
  • When importing entries from Excel you do now not need to use the MM:SS.TH format, you can use only SS.TH for example.
  • Added Faroe Island swimmers to swimmers database.
  • Make button to calculate FINA points for selected events always visible in the points window.
  • Fixed bug when creating result list for juniors to text file
  • Updated Devexpress components to v21.1.6
  • WinGrodan 2 has been updated to .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Other small bug fixes



Created 2021-06-20

  • Make sure to re-calculate the session start dates when changing the competition start date.
  • Hytek result files will now use agegroup rank instead of total rank.
  • Fixed bug in Hytek result file so that relay teams are reported correctly.
  • Added button in SuperLive settings to remove the SuperLive stream from the local database. Note: When using this button it will not remove the actual stream on the web.
  • Fixed bug in SuperLive settings window where you could sometimes get an error when creating a stream depending on which program language you had selected.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the rank and FINA points would not be calculated if you set the heat status to Confirmed in the Seeding tab.



Created 2021-06-02

IMPORTANT: If you update to this version of WinGrodan 2 Admin then you must also upgrade WinGrodan 2 CIS and WinGrodan 2 Timekeeping to the latest version v2.8 on all your computers!

  • You can now have overlapping age groups and still get correct rank for each age group. This change also requires that you update all the WinGrodan 2 software (Admin, Timekeeping and CIS) on all computers.
  • WinGrodan 2 Admin will now show a message box if a program connecting to the same database is using a version that is too old.
  • Added disqualification codes. Now you can add disqualification codes when you disqualify a swimmer and write down the reason why they were disqualified.
  • Added new setting in print settings if you want to print the disqualification codes on results lists or not.
  • Added button to print record lists.
  • Added a column with birth year in the seeding window when you seed a final heat from preliminary heats.
  • Added accessability names to some controls for better integration with Braille screen readers.
  • Added Slovenian clubs to the club database.
  • Added Slovenian swimmers to the swimmer database.
  • Added warning if an event is using the same event number as another event when editing events.
  • When creating a new lookup event it will now set athlete count to 1 as default instead of 0 and distance to 100 instead of 0.
  • Time trial events will now be added to the Lenex event file.
  • Fix bug in WinGrodan Sync that could happen if certain characters were added to the competition name.
  • Added special Q calculation required for Slovenian championships.
  • Added button to disqualify a lane in the results window. This button opens a new window where you select the event, round, heat and lane to be disqualified.
  • When creating the LST files for Ares/Quantum you will now get a choice if you want club short name, club long name, nation name or nation code as club/nation field in ARES/Quantum.
  • Added option if you want A and B finals to matter when calculating the age group ranks in the finals. This option is located in the competition settings under "Special competition types".
  • Added a Cancel button in the question you get if a result is a new record or not.
  • Fix bug in Lenex result files where the status said EHX instead of EXH.
  • Added column with percentage between the entry time and result time when exporting results to Excel
  • Added new window where you can enter all the officials in the competition for each session. These officials are also added to the Lenex result file. Officials are also imported from Lenex entry file if there are any available.
  • Changed lots of english texts. Scratches are now instead called withdrawals
  • When exporting Lenex files it will now say NT instead of 00:00:00.00 for results and entry times.
  • Running time can now be more than 1 hour.



Created 2021-02-15

  • Added SuperLive Settings button right next to the LiveTiming settings that opens a window with new SuperLive settings. Please read new SuperLive documentation on how to do this at
  • Updated some Finnish texts.
  • Added Hungarian as printing language.
  • Added option in Events tab to have the seeding reversed for preliminary heats and time finals. What this means is that the first heat becomes the last heat and the last heat becomes the first heat and so on for every heat in the round. So the fastest swimmers will swim in the first heat and the slowest swimmers will swim in the last heat.
  • Added option to import entries from Excel file. The Excel file must have a specific format. Please check in the WinGrodan 2 installation folder for a file called EntryWG2Template.xlsx for a template. Please make a copy of this file and add your entries that you want to import into WinGrodan 2.
  • Updated the lookup database with the WPS parameters for 2021.



Created 2021-01-25

  • Added new special competition mode for Utmanaren.
  • Added new special competition mode called Poängjakten.
  • Added Finnish translation to the program.
  • When printing several copies, WinGrodan 2 will now make sure to collate the pages as default so the pages are printed as 1, 2, 3, 1,2, 3 etc instead of 1,1,2,2,3,3.
  • Added button in menu to search for software update manually.
  • Changed Hytek result file constructor.
  • When removing a sponsor the program now makes sure to clear the sponsor field for any event currently using deleted sponsor.
  • When scratching a swimmer and asking if the swimmer should be marked as DNS for any seeded lanes the swimmer is on will now only mark the lanes DNS for the events you scratch, not all events.
  • Fixed bug when scratching a swimmer in the seeding window to make sure that the timestamp is updated correctly for using the website coach web application.
  • Fix bug when calculating Q and the heat has empty lanes that would have been set to Q previously.



Created 2020-10-01

  • Fixed seeding bug that caused wrong distance to be shown on scoreboard for 25m or 50m events.
  • Make sure that each heat gets at least 3 swimmers if possible when seeding time finals in Finland also even if it means that the last heat do not get full heat.
  • Make sure to set the pool of new entry to current competition pool when adding a new swimmer to an event.
  • If an entry is missing pool WinGrodan 2 will now still create Lenex result files without getting an error.
  • Fix bug when importing Lenex record lists. If the Type field is empty for a record list it will now try to match the record list name instead.
  • When creating a Lenex result file it will now add swimmers that do not yet have results.



Created 2020-08-19

  • You can now create Lenex 3.0 result files. These files also includes entries and seeded heats.
  • When importing Hytek entry files first name and last name are now correct.
  • Added a new print option to show age instead of year born on lists and in WG2 CIS. This option is available in the Competition tab in the drop down button called Print settings.
  • Program will now show better error messages when it fails to activate a license.
  • Fixed bug when seeding a 25m event and user has selected to use touchpads in only one end of the pool.
  • When you change an age group in an event with results you will now get a question if you want to recalculate the age group rank for this event.
  • When you seed an event that has no swimmers it will now not set the status to Ready for start.
  • When having a competition in Sweden it will now make sure that no swimmer swims also when you have 3 lanes and for example 4 swimmers. They will be seeded 2+2 instead of 3+1
  • When importing Hytek entry files it will now make sure to save the USSNUM license code from the Hytek file.



Created 2020-07-07

  • Added print settings button in Competition tab where user can choose if they want entry times on the result lists.
  • Added print settings option where you can choose to show the diff percentage of entry time instead of time behind the winner.
  • In the "Edit FINA 1000-times" window in the Points tab you now have a button to download and import the latest FINA base times for FINA points.
  • Fixed bug when retrieving age group results from WinGrodan in Sport In The Box 2.
  • Fixed bug when importing and exporting Lenex record lists.



Created 2020-04-15

  • Added button in the Records tab to export records to Lenex files.
  • Added question when trying to delete a record list if you really want to delete it.
  • Added new checkbox to the competitor that indicates that the competitor should not be seeded into finals/next round. Can for example be used for foreign swimmers that should not compete in finals.
  • Updated Danish manual.
  • Added new date field in competition rules that determines the date for which swimmers are aged up one year. If swimmers are born after this date then they will be counted as one year younger. This value is set to December 31 as default but can be changed if needed.
  • Added new date field in competition rules that determines the date when the season changes. If the competition is held after this date then all competitors will be counted as one year older. Default value is December 31 unless you are a Danish club which will set this value to August 31.
  • Added new seeding type where you can select how many top seeded heats you want in the preliminary heats.
  • Added option to select if you want swimmers to qualify to next round by heat rank. So you can now for example say that the swimmers that gets heat rank 1 will automatically qualify for next round.
  • Added new seeding type where you seed swimmers that has NOT qualified for next round. This is useful if you want to give the swimmers that did not qualify another chance to qualify.
  • Added new seeding type where you can choose to include qualified swimmers from two different rounds.
  • Moved the competition settings for Junior/Seniors, Seriesim/Holdstævne and Startfælleskaber into a drop down button control.
  • When importing entries we now make sure that swimmers with time 00:00.00 or NT will not be added to an event if the event has a qualification time limit.
  • When importing Lenex records it will now better handle date fields that are not formatted according to specification.
  • Added button to import entry files as not in competition (status EXT).
  • Added entry time to detailed club competitor list.
  • Fixed bug when printing competitor list and pool is not set for the entry time.
  • Added para class column when exporting result Excel file.
  • Added support to import district record, championship record and own records from older DTA record files.
  • Updated lookup database with new clubs and also North Macedonia as country.
  • Updated some third party controls and components.



Created 2020-02-18

  • Added result lists for para swimmers by para class.
  • Added option for the user to select which para classes to include in the result list sorted by WPS points.
  • Added WPS parameters for 2020
  • Fixed bug where heat lists could not be printed for events that has swimmers manually removed after seeding.
  • Fixed bug where the event order could be initialized wrong when creating or changing events.
  • Reorganized some options in the competition settings and rules window in preparation of future new competition modes.



Created 2020-02-04

  • Running time and live timekeeping data is now sent using a more reliable way. Now you should not have to enable Jumbo frames in your network card.
    Important note: You must update WinGrodan 2 Timekeeping to version v2.5.7339.27567 or later if you want the Admin program to show the running time!
  • Added new type of list for relay teams where the relay teams are grouped by lane. This is a good report to give to the lane judges so that they only get the relay teams for their lanes.
  • Added a new button in the club window where you can now print a compact charging basis report where every club is on a row of its own.
  • It is now possible to import Hytek entry files.
  • It is now possible to create a Hytek result file.
  • Added translation from Faroe Islands.
  • The output/printing language is now saved in the database instead of globally for the computer. The option to select language is now in the competition information window instead of being in the menu.
  • When setting a round for a relay event to status Official it will now ask the user a question if a take over time is less than -0.03 and the lane is not disqualified. The user is asked if the take over time should be cleared.
  • Added buttons in competitor window to print competitors including entries that have been withdrawn.
  • The entry lists now do not have the column for Pool. If the entry pool is different from the competition pool the entry list will now show a S, L or Y after the entry time to represent if the time was from a short course pool, long course pool or yard pool.
  • Swedish manual has been updated.
  • If a competition is in Denmark we now print the birthyear instead of age in the relay lists.
  • User can now select which club to include when printing a charging basis report or club statistics report.
  • Entry lists will now have more pronounced gray for every odd row to be more visible when printing the list on paper.
  • When Danish competitions now use Startfællesskaber option it will now only show the startfællesskab relay swimmers for teams that are part of a startfællesskab. For teams that are not part of a startfællesskab it will show the club swimmers as normal.
  • Added some more texts to the language system that were previously not translated.
  • Removed the possibility to sort and filter the heat tables in the result window.
  • A warning message is now shown when the birthyear of a competitor is not correct.
  • When creating a new competitor we not set the birthday to 0001-01-01 instead of 2000-01-01.
  • If a relay team is set to DNF you can now select which swimmer did not finish.
  • Added an information message when enabling the SSF seeding rules with information about conversion times.
  • Make sure that men and women relay teams cannot enter a mixed event. Only mixed relay teams should be able to enter a mixed event.
  • Make sure to select all rounds as default when creating text files with results.
  • In the summary of the detailed charging basis report the program will now seperately show relay entries and relay entry cost.
  • Fix bug where you would sometimes get an error message when editing the club name.
  • Database connection will now try to reconnect better if network connection is temporary lost.
  • Fixed error when importing Lenex entry files and the date fields where in the wrong format.
  • Fixed bug when importing Lenex files that had some strange characters in the file name.
  • The estimated time is now rounded to nearest minute instead of always rounding down.
  • Fixed bug in time schedule calculations if none of the entries in the event had an entry time that was not 00:00.00.
  • Changed some of the english translation.
  • When getting an unexpected exception message it will now also show where the log files are saved.
  • When changing the birthday of a competitor it will now refresh the list of possible events to enter.
  • Removed the browse-button from when you open a database on the network. If you want to browse for a database you should use the menu button to open a local database instead.
  • The default file name when exporting the detailed club statistics to a file is now not the same as the compact club statistics.



Created 2019-12-10

  • Fixed bug in competitor form where you could not edit a field that was the sort field for the competitor table to the left.
  • Updated swedish manual to remove some duplicate text and also added a chapter about Masters.
  • It is now possible to filter the grid in the window where you select rounds.
  • Fixed bug when seeding events with seeding type "Finals, 1 heat per age group" that was causing the heats to not be marked as A-finals.
  • Added new pool type 12.5m pool.
  • Added new events that are used with 12.5m and 16m pools.
  • When your license is from Faroe Islands it will now initialize the meet country to FAR.
  • Added warning message when creating a Lenex file and you somehow have an event with wrong athlete count in the lookup table.
  • Added button to export record list to Excel file.



Created 2019-11-06

  • When changing relay team swimmers for entries it will now also change the swimmers in the relay team that is seeded in the first round.
    When changing the relay team swimmers in a seeded heat in the first round it will also change the relay swimmers for the team in the entries.

    This change makes it so that you can re-seed an event and still keep any changes to the relay team made since you last seeded the event.
    NOTE: This only applies to the first round in an event. If you have an event with preliminary heats and finals and you re-seed the final heat you will lose any changes made in the relay swimmers in the final heat.
  • The club database has been updated with a name change for a swedish and a danish club.
  • Added partially translated danish manual.



Created 2019-10-29

  • Added button in the event window to clear the sponsor from an event.
  • Fixed bug in WinGrodan Sync
  • When sending entry lists to LiveTiming with preliminary relay team members it will now not print relay swimmers that are scratched.



Created 2019-10-21

  • When uploading events to LiveTiming it will now make sure to delete any events that no loger exists in the competition.
  • Changed Danish swimmer link from to svø
  • Changed Finnish swimmer link from to
  • Fix bug when importing relay teams from Lenex entry files and the relay team did not have a name in the Lenex file.



Created 2019-10-14

  • Added result list with points as a new type of result list.
  • Added so you can print relay teams for several events at once.
  • Added button to save competitor lists per club to PDF files where each club has their own PDF file.
  • Added button to save charging basis per club to PDF files where each club has their own PDF file.
  • If competition is a Senior/Junior competition then the buttons to print results per agegroup will not be visible since normal age groups do not work with Senior/Junior.
  • The option to print Senior/Junior results has been moved up in the menu so it is closer to the other buttons that print results.
  • The name for the WPS parameters will now not contain the works "Long course" since these points are used in both long course and short course. This will not affect databases already created.
  • Removed the option to "Select All" when changing status for a lane or entry.



Created 2019-10-02

  • Fixed bug in timefinal seeding where sometimes only two swimmers was seeded in the first heat.
  • Added new result list sorted by competitor name instead of rank. The rank is not visible on this list.
  • Fixed bug when calculating FINA point list. The option to use only the best result in each event for every swimmer is now working when you select competition sessions instead of events.
  • Added button in the Automatic scratches window where you can set all scratched swimmers to also be automatically scratched.
  • Scratched events are now not displayed in the compact competitor list per club.



Created 2019-09-25

  • The swedish manual has been rewritten.
  • Added new seeding type for Time finals where the last heats have different number of lanes than the rest of the heats. This is used when you use for example 10 lanes in the preliminary heats and 8 lanes in the finals.
  • Added option to use Youth WPS points.
  • Added alert notifications when sending events, entry lists, start lists and result lists to LiveTiming.
  • Show alert notifications when saving point lists to text files
  • Fixed bug in schedule calculation where the time between events would not get added when going from an event to a medal ceremony or pause.
  • Changed default time between heats and events. This will only affect new databases or when you add a new session to an existing competition.
  • It is now possible to paste coaches into the grid in club window from an excel file with the same columns.
  • Added club to record log.
  • Added min age and max age to recounting times.
  • Added Mixed gender to recounting times.
  • Updated the clubs database.
  • Updated the swimmers database.
  • Added message when importing Lenex entry file that contains para-swimmers to notify the organizer that their competition will contains para-swimmers.
  • Result lists for competitions in Denmark will now include swimmers without time or status but has a filled Note-field
  • Printing of heatlist will now round the estimated start time to nearest minute instead of always rounding down.
  • Fixed bug when calculating records for relay teams and the relay team has no relay swimmers.
  • Fixed bug when calculating rank and club points for relays that has no relay swimmers.
  • Schedule will now print start times by rounding to nearest minute instead of always rounding down.
  • Fixed a number of error messages that could popup.
  • Fixed bug in the preliminary time schedule calculation (when there are no seeded heats) and an event uses junior Q.
  • More buttons are translated by the language system.
  • Fixed bug when using a custom lane configuration.
  • If a Lenex file contains duplicated entries for a swimmer WinGrodan 2 will now only add one of the entries so he do not get seeded on two different lanes in the same event.
  • Fixed bug when seeding final round from heats and the event is a Para-event.
  • Fixed bug when searching for license in the license manager.
  • When changing template or creating a new event with A, B and/or C final it will not set how many swimmers should be in each final.
  • Added button in events window to clear the time limits for selected events
  • When saving log file from importing AN entry files it will now include the club short name in the file name
  • Added button in results window to show/hide the column to withdraw swimmer from final in the result list table.
  • DNS column has now been split into DNS for individual swimmers and DNS for relay swimmers in compact club statistics.
  • Make sure that when printing reports the header and footer will not stretch too much even if there are no margins.
  • Changed danish translations Grænse -> Kravtid.
  • Changed Svømmehal to Bassin in pool header in lists for Danish language
  • Changed Tilmeldings tid to Anmtid in header for lists in Danish language
  • Added recounting of event time limits between different pools if recounting time is used and the competition is in Denmark.
  • When selecting to clear heat in either timekeeping or admin it will now also clear DNF/DSQ/WPSpoints/relay swimmer DSQ nr.
  • When clearing results in a heat in the results window it will now not be possible if the round status is official or heat status is confirmed.
  • Fixed bug when importing Lenex record files and some fields were missing or had wrong date format.
  • Added German DSV result file support.
  • When creating a new database we make sure to copy the para class number correctly from the lookup database.
  • Fixed small alignment issue in the report header.
  • The Time schedule window will now updated the number of heats column correctly if a heat has been added or removed.
  • Do not show margin warning when printing result lists directly to printer.



Created 2019-06-05

  • Added danish texts to program.
  • Changed the text ORD to TOT in club statistics to differentiate this column from the ORD column that was used in WinGrodan 1. This column shows the total number of entries including reserves, scratched etc. Only entries marked as automatically scratched is not included in this column.
  • Added Mixed gender to recounting times.
  • Added min age and max age to recounting times/conversions.
  • Added option to use Youth WPS points in the competition instead of normal WPS points. Youth WPS points is calculated by multiplying the C-parameter by 1.2. All results for Para-swimmers will therefore get more WPS points.
  • Added option in program settings to show notification alerts.
  • Notification alerts is now shown when saving result lists to text file.
  • Notification alerts is now shown when saving point lists to text file.
  • Localized more texts that previously always were in english language.
  • Added basic support to create German DSV6 result files.
  • Fixed bug in relay window when using Startfælleskaber and club has no region.
  • Fixed bug when sending results to LiveTiming.
  • Added warning icon to message shown when trying to seed an event that already has results.
  • When creating LST files to ARES/Quantum the program will now do an extra check if a competitor is missing club.
  • Schedule window will now properly update the number of heats column after a heat has been added or removed.
  • Fixed bug in schedule calculation if junior Q are used in a round.
  • Fixed bug when importing Lenex entries and MEETINFO could be missing.
  • When clearing results in a heat in the results window it will now not be possible if the round is official or heat status is confirmed.
  • Renamed button Calculate Q/q to Calculate Q.
  • Removed button to print total FINA points for each club.
  • Updated the clubs database.



Created 2019-04-29

  • Fixed bug when sending results notification data to the livetiming app and the results where per age group.
  • Make sure to clear the competitor filter when creating a new competitor to make sure the new competitor can be selected.
  • When importing lenex entry files it will now compare the club names without comparing the case of the characters.
  • Make sure to set status = "EXH" in Lenex result file if swimmer is not in competition (Extra).
  • Added merits text fields to competitors that was used during Swim Open Stockholm.
  • Make sure to update the splits grid editable status in results window when loading the grid.
  • When settings Q for junior heat in we make sure to not set it for swimmers without any results.
  • Added alert notification when creating text result files.
  • Fixed bug where language settings for the printed output is loaded correctly during startup.
  • Fixed bug in results window in the age group result control.
  • Fixed bug in seeding for Swim Open Seeding where youth heats would get wrong pool for entry.
  • Make sure that the splits grid in result window is sorted correctly.
  • Updated the club database.
  • Localized Man and Woman in the swimmer database window.
  • Added more finnish translation.
  • Localized more texts in Copy event form.
  • Changed some misspelled swedish words.
  • Added some missing texts to localization.



Created 2019-03-26

  • FINA Points list: Added option to choose an initial point for each swimmer. This is used if you want to add FINA points from a previous competition to the list.
  • Competition settings: Removed option to Auto Calc Q from competition settings because it does it automatically when setting a round to status Official.
  • Competition settings: Added button to export results to Excel file. The button is right next to the button that creates Lenex result files.
  • Importing entry files: When importing Lenex entry file it now checks if MEETINFO is empty even though it should not be.
  • Importing entry files: Make sure to set a swimmer as para-swimmer only if the swimmer has Para-class.
  • Lookup tables: Fixed bug when creating new para class in lookup tables.
  • Club: When creating a new club we make sure to enter a country for the club.
  • Club statistics: Fixed bug where summary row was wrong in club statistics.
  • Club statistics: Make sure that automatically scratched swimmers are not included in ORD column.
  • Competitor: Fix error message that could sometimes popup when creating a new swimmer.
  • Competitor: Added check when deleting a competitor if the competitor has been seeded in an event and ask user if the lane should be empty.
  • Competitor: Added check when deleting a competitor if the competitor has results. User will not be able to delete the swimmer then.
  • Fixed bug when you set round to Official and you had some swimmers that where marked as Para-swimmer but had no para-class.
  • Translation: Added more texts to translation that was missing.



Created 2019-03-06

  • Changed how recounting of entry times works. The recounting times are now entered in the lookup database. For the competition you select which list recounting times you want.
  • When clicking in a grid to edit a time it will now only select the text the first click. So now you can click a second time if you do not want the whole text selected when starting to edit the value.
  • Added check when starting the program to warn user if more than 14 days has passed since last update of swimmers database and ask if you want to update the database.
  • Competitors: Changed how to create a new swimmer. There is now a New swimmer and a New relay team button. New swimmer button will now open the swimmers database window and from there you have a button to create a blank new swimmer without license.
  • Competitors: Fixed missing translation for some texts in the competitor window.
  • Competitors: Added option to print entry lists for only selected events and not just all events.
  • Competitors: When printing competitor lists per club you will now get an option to choose which clubs you want to print.
  • Competitors: Controls for para swimmers are now not enabled until you select a swimmer to be a para swimmer.
  • Competitors: When importing Lenex entry files and the club name is too long for the database it will now truncate the text.
  • Competitors: If swimmer nation is invalid in Lenex files when importing entries it will set the swimmer nation to club nation.
  • Competitors: In entry lists it will now say Team instead of Club when using english translation.
  • Competitors: If you change a competitor between relay and not relay it will now properly reload the events grid for that swimmers.
  • Competitors: The log window that is shown after importing entries will now auto save the log file if there were any issues.
  • Competition: Added NOR and FAR in the meet nation combobox.
  • Events: Added detailed event list print where you can see age groups and round settings for each event.
  • Events: Make sure it is not possible to enter float values in from age and to age in the event age group grid.
  • Events: When you set an event to Masters event it will now remove any extra age groups not needed.
  • Events: When changing swimstyle for a masters event it will now remake the agegroups if you go from individual to relay event or from relay to individual event.
  • Events: When doing a mass copy it will now not copy age groups to Masters events.
  • Events: When generating event name it will now use the output language for the event and class name instead of program language.
  • Events: Added setting for Swim Open 2019 to have number of junior Q to qualify to next round.
  • Events: Added seeding to be used in Bergen Swim Festival 2019.
  • Seeding: Fixed bug where scratched swimmers was seeded when you used Masters seeding for an event.
  • Seeding: Fixed bug where number of heats was not shown in the round grid in seeding window.
  • Results: Added option to create result text files for several events/rounds in one single text file instead of only creating one file per event.
  • Results: Added creating of media lists in the text file button in results window.
  • Results: Added possibility to select events when printing result lists.
  • WinGrodan Sync: Added competition name to the WinGrodan Sync printed user sheet with login information.
  • Records: Fixed bug when deleting record lists and you would sometimes get an error message.
  • Records: Danish junior records imported from DTA file will now set age 15-17 for women and 16-18 for men.
  • Menu->Databases: Added button to create a new database from an old backup file.
  • Menu->Databases: Added a button to clear most recently used database list. Only non-pinned rows will be cleared.
  • Menu->Databases: You can now right-click on a row in the list of most recently used databases and there select to remove that row from the list.
  • Menu->Backups: Removed list of most recently created backups from the backup menu because it looked too similar to the database list and people clicked on a database backup thinking that they would open the database instead of restoring the database and overwrite the current database.
  • Menu->Backups: Added a default folder to save database backups.
  • Lookup tables: Added WPS parameters for 2019.
  • Lookup tables: Added recounting times.
  • Clubs: Added date when the club database was last updated.
  • Clubs: Club statistics now show total number of entries in ORD column (not including automatically scratched swimmers.)



Created 2019-02-21

  • Fixed bug that caused all swimmers to be included in club points counting even if they had been marked to not count points.
  • When you change the day of the competition session the program will now calculate the correct start date for the session.
  • When copying a FINA point list it will now also copy the option for Only Finals to be calculated.
  • When creating a new database it is now not allowed to create a database to a USB stick or a network drive.
  • Fixed bug in data sent to Sport In The Box 2 where a swimmers with rank 0 got sorted before swimmers with a valid rank.
  • When copying events with split heats it will now make the time program entry for this event have correct name.
  • The secondary part of an event with split heats will now have a * marked next to the event number in the time program grid.



Created 2019-02-18

  • Added Masters module to WinGrodan 2.
  • It is now possible to select if an event should be a Masters event or not.
  • Added two new seeding types: Masters seeding combined age groups and Masters seeding separate age groups.
  • Added Masters club point calculations.
  • When calculating if a record has been broken or which FINA 1000-time should be used for a relay team it now uses the actual relay team members age. For Masters events this is the sum of all swimmers added together. For non-Masters events this is the age of the oldest swimmer in the relay team. This age value is also used when seeding per age group.
  • Removed the list of previously created backups in the menu. Some people would think it is Open database and accidentally overwrite the current database with an older backup.
  • Added relay age to relay swimmers printout.
  • Relay age is now also visible in the window where you enter the swimmers in the relay teams.
  • Fixed bug when entering some text fields in the competition info window that would cause wrong numbers/texts to be entered.
  • Added 16m pool to lookup database.
  • Added possibility to import Masters records and FINA times from new CSV format.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the result window to lockup when having too many age groups in an event.
  • Added records to the age group entry list report.
  • Fixed bug when copying events where the flight seeding number of heats was not copied.
  • Make sure to reload the event grid after doing mass copy of events.



Created 2019-02-12

  • Fixed bug in automatic scratches so scratched swimmers do not get marked as reserves also.
  • Added question to automatic scratches if you want to set manually scratched swimmers as automatically scratched too.



Created 2019-02-11

  • Fixed bug so that Norwegian AN-files can be imported as entries.
  • If you do automatic scratching again (more than one time) it will now not upgrade a swimmer that is automatically scratched to a reserve or normal swimmer even if there has been more manual scratches in the event.



Created 2019-02-05

  • Fixed bug in Event window where you could get an error message when opening the Events tab.
  • Lists that are sent to LiveTiming should now have an easier time to get through firewalls on certain city networks.
  • Fixed bug in start lists per age group where the age group header could look a little strange.



Created 2019-01-31

  • Fixed bug where Mixed relay teams was reported as Men in the Lenex result file.



Created 2019-01-30

  • When copying events it is now possible to also copy the setting for touchpads/timekeeping in both ends.



Created 2019-01-29

  • Added new option to events where you can select if you want touchpads/timekeeping in both ends of the pool or not. It will use the competition setting as default but it is now possible to a different setting for selected events.



Created 2019-01-28

  • Added possibility to do Seriesim/Holdstævne competitions in WinGrodan 2.
  • Added new Seriesim chapter to the swedish manual.
  • Fixed bug in seeding where sometimes the first heat would only get two swimmers instead of three.
  • Fixed bug when moving events up and down in the time schedule window by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.



Created 2019-01-24

  • Added possibility to highlight club when printing a heat list.
  • Updated manual to include a chapter about records.
  • Fixed so that some error messages is not hidden by the main window.
  • Lanes that has no swimmers but has a finish time will now not get a total rank.
  • Fixed bug where an empty lane could get heat rank even if it did not have a swimmer.
  • Make sure that the swimmers database is downloaded from correct location.
  • Added missing text to the language files in points window.
  • Added missing text to the language files in records window.
  • Importing CONTACT information included in entry files for each club.
  • Handicap class is now imported from Lenex entry file.
  • Lenex event file now sets the swim style to UNKNOWN for IM Medley relay events.
  • Fixed bug when calculating WPS points for entries and lanes if the para swimmer does not have an para class selected for that event.
  • Result lists now print DNF for swimmers that have status DNF.
  • Removed the possibility to sort the splits grid by clicking on the grid headers. The splits grid should always be sorted by distance.
  • If swimmer is marked as not in competition they will now get rank = 0.
  • Make sure to use correct rank field for Senior relay events when creating reports.
  • Fixed bug when printing some result lists where the report header would be printed on one page and the list on the next page.
  • Fixed bug when mass copying age groups in events window.
  • Added some cleanup code to remove unused time program rows and rounds from the database during startup of program.
  • Fixed bug when seeding pools with 3 or 4 lanes.
  • Added short name to select club window.
  • Fixed bug when printing medalists result list.
  • Added button to export highlighted heat list with watermark to PDF.
  • Fixed bug when importing Lenex entries for some relay teams.
  • When importing Lenex entries it will now not require a date in the MEETINFO element.
  • Export of competitors to CSV file will now separate the fields with semicolon instead of comma.
  • Updated database drivers.



Created 2018-11-20

  • Added support for records in WinGrodan 2.
    • Swimmers that beat a record will get a note and will also update the current record. The records are checked when the round is set to Official.
    • You can now import records from either Lenex record files or from .DTA record files downloaded from Tempus/Octo.
    • You can choose which records you want to print on start lists, result lists etc.
    • You can have a record be Read-Only. Then the record will never be updated but swimmers will still get a note if they beat a record. This is for example useful for noting qualification to major competitions like world championships and you want to mark each swimmer that beats the qulification times.
    • You can choose which records will be visible on the scoreboard.
    • You can specify which age the swimmer must have in order to beat a record.
    • A log is saved for each record that is beaten.
  • Lenex result files for Extralopp will now have the correct class for each event.
  • Added links to Tempus Open/Octo Open for swimmers on entry lists, start lists, result lists etc.
  • Added links to sponsors web page when clicking on the sponsor in lists.
  • Added link to competition web page when clicking on the competition name in the list header.
  • The relay competitor list is now using A4 as paper kind instead of US Letter.
  • Added button to delete automatically scratched entries from competition.
  • Added button to clear all relay team swimmers.
  • Added button to delete all competitors that has no entries.
  • Added button to delete all clubs that has no competitors.
  • Fixed bug in results window that caused the round status not to change when you changed the status in the status drop down.
  • When importing events from Lenex file it makes sure to set name and seeding type to Time final if event type is wrong.
  • Added button to print sponsor list.
  • When importing entries from AN-file and the license does not match the info in the swimmers database it will now ask the user if it is the same swimmer or not.
  • Now saves the changes made in the lookup window for para classes
  • Added the number column to para class lookup grid
  • Make sure to reload the lane priorities after it has been changed in the seeding window.
  • When opening the lane priorities window from the seeding window will now show the current selected lane priority group
  • Fix error when the documents folder was mapped to a network drive.
  • When calculating the timeprogram it makes sure that the internal order number is not the same within a single competition session.
  • When importing Lenex result files as entries it will now not import disqualified swimmers.
  • Relay teams that are imported from Lenex result files will now get an entry time.



Created 2018-10-16

  • Fixed a bug when importing Lenex entries and the entry date was outside the qualification dates.
  • Updated lookup database and swimmers database.
  • Added Born-column in window where you copy results from one event into entries for another event.
  • Fixed bug when importing club from Lenex entries.



Created 2018-10-08

  • Fixed bug in installation file that stopped the program from installing on a 32-bit Windows system.
  • When reading an entry file and a club has a missing or wrong nation code it will use the meet nation as the nation for that club as default.



Created 2018-10-04

  • Fixed bug in Results->Find Swimmer.
  • Fixed bug in Points when you sometimes got error when opening points.
  • Fixed bug where lane priority drop down didn't change after editing the lane priorities.
  • Added AN entry files to Danish language also.
  • Fix when importing AN entry files where swimmers would get wrong license if no license was found in AN-file.
  • Added function to delete a selected club and all their competitors.
  • Make sure to display when Octo Swimmers database was last updated.
  • Added buttons in result window to print heat lists with page breaks after each event.
  • Added button to print heat results for selected round and heat in result window.
  • Added button to print medalists in result window.
  • Added competition header to the heat result report.
  • Make sure to translate the round status combobox in results when changing language.
  • Removed button to open Manual timecorrection since you can already do timecorrection in the main results window.
  • Hide the pool column in heat lists if the competition country is Denmark (DEN).
  • If round is final or timefinal when printing resultlist the text field with Q will now be removed and the note field will be moved left and made a little wider
    Right margin is now moved a little to the right to give more space for note field.
  • When changing event to be 400m or more and the seeding type is preliminary seeding then it will change to 2 best heats instead of 3 best heats that are "seeded" and the other way around when changing to a distance less than 400m.
  • Improved algorithm to find club when importing Lenex entry files
  • Improved handling of swimmers when importing entry files and the swimmer in the entry file does not match the swimmer in the Octo swimmer database.
  • When selecting a team in the relay team edit window and the number of relay swimmers is not equal to the number of swimmers according to the lookup event it will add or remove extra swimmers so they match the event.
  • Auto-follow delay in CIS can now be set up to 30 seconds instead of 20 seconds.
  • Added window to select sessions when copying time program settings from one session instead of copying to all other sessions.
  • Fixed so that entry date limits works when importing entry files and the limit is 0001-01-01.
  • If rank char from Colorado is : then we set rank to 10.
  • Fixed so that the running time is reset before we show the official heat result from timekeeping. This is necessary for SuperLive to work.
  • Try to fix bux where split times is not updated when changing heat in result window.
  • Added WPS parameters for events that is missing in the official WPS parameter list.
  • Added question dialog window when trying to scratch all or clear all in competitor window.
  • Added buttons to print startlist by club for a selected competition session.
  • Added text to result lists to show the timestamp when the round status is set to Official.
  • Added result list header text if round is not official to show how many heats are confirmed.
  • Added translation to the Move Up and Move Down buttons in Time schedule window.
  • Fixed bug when exporting events to ARES that caused the sorting to be wrong.



Created 2018-09-10

  • Added swedish manual to installation
  • Added Teamviewer Quicksupport to installation



Created 2018-09-10

  • Added autoupdates to program
  • Changed to Firebird 3.0. IMPORTANT: Before installing please take a backup of existing database by using Menu->Backup->Create backup


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